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Childs Toy

Child's Toy

Design Task
To design and make a child's toy that utilises aspects of mechanical motion.


  • Performance
    • It will encourage the child develop new skills such as hand & eye coordination, learning letters, etc.
    • Should include mechanisms that provide various movements.
    • Durable to withstand a drop or rough play.
  • Market
    • The main market is for young toddlers.
    • The capability of it being more complex as a child gets older (i.e. kit form).
  • User
    • The child should be able to play with it without parental supervision.
    • Easily understandable by the child, no need for instructions.
  • Ergonomics
    • The overall size of the toy will is constrained to 300 X 300 X 200 mm. So a small child can handle it.
    • The shape and selected features depend on the child's hand.
  • Aesthetics
    • Available in a range of colours.
    • Smooth edges
    • Simple design
  • Materials
    • Made from recycled material.
    • Can be easily recycled when the toy is no longer needed.
    • Ease of manufacture.
    • Easily cleaned
  • Manufacture
    • Use the tools and machine available in the school workshops.
    • Ability to scale up production.
  • Safety
    • Non toxic materials
    • No sharp edges
    • No chance of jamming fingers.
    • Complies with American and EU safety standards.
  • Environment
    • Uses green design principles
    • Is gentle on the environment
  • Cost
    • The overall cost (materials and manufacture) is not to exceed 50Le.


  • You will be graded on development and evaluation.


  • Three weeks ... week one & two development and manufacture, week three evaluation.


  • Technology student examples
  • Do a web search and browse the images you find.
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