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Fun website to explore mechanisms

10.3.1 Identify how mechanisms allow conversion of one form of motion to another.

For example, rack and pinion, bell cranks, toggle clamps, linkages and levers.
Bell cranks Toggle clamps Rachet
Rack and pinion Linkages
Levers Gearing

10.3.2 Identify the mechanisms in a bicycle.

Consider chain drive, levers, linkages and gears.

10.3.3 Design combinations of mechanisms to achieve specific tasks.

Consider the following tasks:
  • alter the axis of rotation
  • change the type of movement
  • increase force and decrease speed
  • decrease force and increase speed.

Draw one mechanical system for each of the above specified tasks. Also, explain how it works in a product or system.

10.3.4 Discuss how designers make use of simple mechanisms in the home.

Consider water tap, garlic crusher and foot operated trash/rubbish bin.
Garlic crusher Water tap - sectional view Foot operated trash/rubbish bin


Bulleted list and italicised paragraphs are excerpted from Design Technology: guide. Cardiff Wales, UK: International Baccalaureate Organization, 2007.

Images are clickable links to its location.

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