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Carried out during the design process

  • Evaluate sketches.
  • Evaluate Models.
  • Use constructive discontent to assist in the evaluation process.


  • Include photographs of solution.
  • Include photographs of testing (if performing one).
  • Evaluate or test the solution tests (experiments), user research, user trial, expert appraisal, performance test, risk Assessment, etc ... (Use a variety).
  • Select appropriate variables for the design.
  • Balance between Qual. & Quant. data collection.
  • Outcome tested by a range of users, which the data will analysed.
  • Astute interpretation of data
  • Give consideration of the control of the variables and implications for results.


  • Evaluate the suitability of chosen strategies (procedures) at each stage or ...
  • Evaluate available resources, time, etc.
  • Identify weaknesses and how significant they are.
  • Evaluate & Test - against the specifications - present it perhaps in table form (it should be clear).


  • Suggest improvements based on weaknesses and limitations discovered in Aspect 2.
  • Present as: a paragraph, annotated drawings (CAD model, sketches, perspectives etc), orthogonal if needed, and/or modified design specification ... (include more than just one).
  • Possibility of scaling up production ... into a design family.
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