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In the developed and developing countries have become ‘throw-a-way’ societies. This is resulting in a burgeoning garbage problem within our communities. Something needs to be done in order to save the planets dwindling resources and to prevent further environmental damage!

Things to do

Look closely at your notes for this topic to get a feel for where this project should go.

During this project we will focus on areas including:

  • The principles of green design
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Design objectives for green products
  • Recycling and reusing products
  • Clean technologies
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Evaluating designs and procedures

Once a brief is formulated. Research.


You will be graded on planning, development, and evaluation of a prototype. You will also make the product.

Trash People Garbage Problem

Requirements: You will need to produce an A4 format portfolio which should include:

  • Title page including a photo of both the product/material to be recycled and the new product created
  • Brain-map
  • Identification of the need
  • Design brief
  • Research and analysis of existing recycled products
  • Life cycle analysis of your product
  • Environmental impact assessment matrix
  • Product Specification
  • Bibliography of resources used in MLA format
  • Sketch ideas (not assessed)
  • Photos of the pro type and models.
  • An evaluation of the product, its feasibility, functionality and impact on society and the environment (with testing where relevant/appropriate)
  • An evaluation on the procedures undertaken in the task
  • Explaining recommendations for improvement/modification and the overall success of the idea
  • Approximately 12 A4 pages
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