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Group IV

Group IV Project (20% Quarter 1 Grade) A 10 hour activity to include 2 hours planning, 6 hours action & 2 hours evaluation

Project Aim:

  • Design and construct a LOAD BEARING (70 kg minimum) piece of furniture using discarded household waste.

Typed and Turned in:

  • List all materials in a table along with masses used and % composition by mass of each material in final product.
  • Calculate (with a description of HOW you estimated the values) the size of the carbon footprint of your furniture. You must ensure that you have a strategy for this before commencing construction. Evaluate the confidence of this value, and the limitations of the calculation. You will need to include sources of carbon footprint information for our verification (internet sources cited as footnote(s)).
  • Assess to what extent your project is of benefit to the environment including design, biological, chemical and physical impacts.

Remember, it is not environmentally beneficial to withdraw a reusable or recyclable object from use. The best projects will use waste that is bound for landfills which is not bio-degradable. No wood or adhesive tape. No solvent based glues.

Criteria Items will be graded according to:

  1. Function, durability and performance related to specified purpose. (20%)
  2. Appearance and Aesthetic considerations. (10%)
  3. Load bearing to mass of furniture ratio (70kg/mass kg of furniture). (10%)
  4. Quality of calculation and evaluation of limitations including environmental friendliness and assessed relation to the G4 subjects as articulated and demonstrated in the TYPED, turned in document. (60%)

IB Requirement (This project is 6/48 marks of your 2y IA experimental program) You will all complete peer appraisal forms for the other members of your team based on:

  • Self-motivation and perseverance
  • Working within a team

You will also complete a self-appraisal reflecting on

  • Your strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • A consideration of your learning experience.

Teachers will supervise your performance with a view to moderating peer assessments. These forms will be completed by a specified time in a specified location.

Final Points to Consider (with Due Dates):

  • You must keep a digital, photographic record. SO, a member of each team should arrive Sunday, September 18 with a camera that is charged and ready to take a before picture as well as photos along the way. Photos include images of team members acquiring materials and also must include a full group photo. Your supervising teacher can take the full group photo for you.
  • Each team should have at least ONE team member bringing a laptop in order to collect photos into a folder on that computerís desktop.
  • September 18 by 5:10 pm each team must have submitted to the teacher in charge of your teamís meeting room on a SINGLE typed, printed piece of paper:
  1. A creative Team name with all your names listed (First & Last)
  2. The furniture piece that you will be constructing
  3. A preliminary list of materials
  4. Agreement in the assigned room of the exact position that you will be allowed to put your materials as you collect them for construction.
    1. All materials that are expected to be required must be in the room in the agreed location by Sunday, September 25 at 3:15 pm.
    2. Half of the project must be constructed by Sunday, October 2 at 3:15 pm.
    3. The final completed project must be completed on display on Monday, October 9 at 3:15 pm where the final Typed evaluations and appraisal forms related to the final scores of the project will be presented & turned in to Mrs. Tappe in the LOBBY of the theater at the close of your teamís presentation of your piece of furniture. (Only 2 85-min class periods will be allotted for the G4 project. This means 4h of after school supervised time, 3h of class supervised time and thus the final 3h of time are during your flex times or other arranged meeting times with your group and the teacher who is directly responsible for your group.)
Level/Marks Self-Motivation and Perseverance Working within a team Self-reflection
Complete/2 Approaches the project with self-motivation and follows through to completion. Collaborates and communicates in a group situation and integrates the views of others. Shows a thorough awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and gives thoughtful consideration to their learning experience.
Partial/1 Completes the project but sometimes lacks self-motivation. Exchanges some views but requires guidance to collaborate with others. Shows limited awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and gives some consideration to their learning experience.
Not at all/0 Lacks perseverance and self-motivation. Makes little or no attempt to collaborate in a group situation. Shows no awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and gives no consideration to their learning experience.
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