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Picture Frame

Topics 3, 4 & 5 are tackled here where you will use different materials and a range of manufacturing techniques in developing a solution.

Aim: To design and make a dresser or tabletop picture frame using more than one different material.


  • Available materials, tools and construction techniques in our labs.
  • Two or more different materials.
  • Size, to fit one or two 100mm x 150mm photo/s
  • Timeline, three weeks (in and out of class).
  • be a green design.
Specification Description
Aesthetics * The product should be pleasing to look at as it will be in a prominent position in the house.
Performance * Should be easy to put a photo in so that people can change the picture at will.
Cost * Low cost so it is affordable to a larger range of users.
Size * Must fit one or two 100mm x 150mm photo/s which is a standard sizes print.
Materials * The materials need to be moderately hard. tough and strong to withstand everyday use or t he occasional knock.
* The materials will also be recyclable so that the
product can be recycled when the user no longer wants it.
* Should be easy to process in case scale of production is raised.
* Should be readily available for sustainability reasons.
Environmental/Social/Moral * Where possible the product materials should be able to be recycled.
* DfD should be considered so the parts can be separated.
* No sharp edges so to not cut someone.
Manufacture * The tools and machinery available in the school workshop will be used to model the product.
* The product will eventually be designed developed for mass production in a factory.
Quality * The product will have a smooth finish which protects and enhances it.
* It needs to be of a high quality so that the product can be proposed for the market.
Target Market/User * The product will be able to be used by anyone.
Location/Environment * The product will be used in the living room on a table top or dresser so to display the photo.
Maintenance * Materials should be easily cleaned.
* Design should allow for easy cleaning.

Graded on Research & Evaluation:

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