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Defining the Problem

  • Description of Situation/Problem - brainstorming potential issues could help.
  • There should be evidence of initial investigation with objective justification

Formulating a brief or research question

  • Include, the design goal, target market, feasibility, production scale, and constraints
  • Suitable for wider market i.e. production scale up ... use user research under defining the problem

Final product specification

  • Usually completed after or during the research stage.
  • Initial Specifications
  • Needs to be related to the design brief
  • A final (specifications) precise list of requirements - that will be evaluated and solution assessed.
    • include, cost, materials, safety, environment, etc etc ... Pughs' Plate and other examples.
  • They need to be justified (reasoned).
  • Need to be prioritized (must be/have to wishes if possible)
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