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Student Projects

Small Projects

  • Animal on stick/Pencil
    • Practise exercise for learning to use the workshop machines.
  • Souvenir
    • Design a small souvenir that represents your culture. Will be 3D printed.
  • Key Fob
    • Design a key souvenir fob.
  • Spinning Wind Twirler
    • Practise exercise to demonstrate heat affect on thermoplastics.
  • Mini Maze
    • A SolidWorks and CNC milling exercise.
  • Small wooden 'Japanese style' soap dish.
    • Using a jig and router to produce bridle joints.
  • Laminated Wooden Spoon
  • Bristle Bot
  • Small board games - 3D printer, mill and lathe.
  • Pencil Holder (Die) - learn how to use marking tools and machines.
  • Personalised Signs - SW, CAD, CAM and CNC Router

Internal Assessment Projects

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