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Initial research/investigation of the problem/situation under planning

  • current market
  • existing products or solutions
  • user research, literature search, etc

Research plan

  • secondary/primary (must be balanced).
  • qualitative/quantitative (must be balanced).
  • method of collection.
    • use variety of strategies (not just an internet search).
    • User research, user trial, literature search, expert appraisal, performance test, tests & experiments,
  • identify key research aspects, eg materials/finishes, manufacture, safety, costs, ergonomics, current market, existing products, users, aesthetics, etc
    • use Pughs' plates or an exemplar project as a guide.
  • Reasoning behind the selection of the key research aspects.
  • priorities made clear.
  • table format for organisation can be useful.

Data Collection

  • include analysis of the data.
  • use arrows an text-boxes to explain the data.

Present data well

  • use, tables, graphics with text or photographs.

Summarise data including analysis.

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