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Strength And Stiffness

9.3.1 Explain the relationship between deflection and stiffness in structures.

If an external load is applied to some part of a structure, that part will be deflected to an extent that depends on the size of the load and the stiffness of the structure.

9.3.2 Calculate the stiffness of a structure.


9.3.3 Outline what is meant by bending moment in relation to structures.

This is the moment that a beam has to resist in bending at a particular section.

Society of robots website has a simple explanation.

9.3.4 Outline what is meant by moment arm.

The load distance from the pivot is called the moment about the pivot. The distance between the load and the pivot is called the moment arm.

9.3.5 Explain the need for a factor of safety in structural design.

Structures are designed to take higher loads than those they are normally expected to support.

9.3.6 Calculate the factor of safety for a structure.

Factor of safety = design load/normal maximum load

9.3.7 Apply the concept of factor of safety to other areas of design.

A factor of safety is simply the ratio of the quantitative value of a design (factor) divided by the normal maximum expected value.
  • Chain Safe working loads Website explains more

9.3.8 Evaluate the importance of strength and stiffness in a design context.

PBS Building Big Lab


Bulleted list and italicised paragraphs are excerpted from Design Technology: guide. Cardiff Wales, UK: International Baccalaureate Organization, 2007.

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